117. Squares: ACPT Finals Cartoon


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4 Responses to 117. Squares: ACPT Finals Cartoon

  1. Nancy S (nancyindg) says:

    At this point, I think that Trip, Francis, Al, Ellen, and some others are thinking that Tyler’s RPI hat should say RIP!

  2. Patrick Merrell says:

    It’s funny about COLEADERS. In the judges’ room prior to the finals I took a glance at the answer grid (without the clues) and asked someone what that word was. I was seeing the letters as a word like OLEANDER and I pronounced it COLE-E-AIDERS.

  3. Sluggo says:

    Dang!! You are so clever!!

  4. john farmer says:

    It’s only fitting that COLEADERS would play the role that it did in a tournament that saw four leaders “tied at the top” after seven puzzles. Maybe it’s telling that Tyler had such trouble with that particular answer (for a few minutes anyway). Not a concept he’s used to. He’s ALL ALONE, now. Nothing “basic” about it. Very nice Squares cartoon.

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