229. Mouse Calendar 2016

December 20, 2015

Back by scattered demand — the 20-somethingth annual mouse calendar, this year performing ZEP in the Curse of the Evil Dr. Sumac Who Lives Next Door (follow along with the book!):

FULL-PAGE VERSION, suitable for framing: DOWNLOAD PDF
TWO-PER-PAGE VERSION, suitable for squinting: DOWNLOAD PDF


215. 2015 Mouse Calendar

December 15, 2014

micespotThe annual mouse calendar is ready!

Download a PDF in two handy sizes:
LARGE: for human-sized eyes
SMALLER: for mouse-sized eyes (2 per page)

Click on the image for a full preview.

206. 2014 Calendar

December 28, 2013

2014calDates, holidays, mice.

Download a PDF in
two convenient sizes:

Click here for LARGE
Click here for NOT SO LARGE (2/sheet)

Click on the image at right for a preview of the large calendar.

178. 2013 Calendar

December 31, 2012

calendar2013The illustrated Mus musculus calendar is back by sufficient demand, this year with a science theme. Download a pdf in the size of your choice, or avoid future regret and download both.

5 x 7″ paper-saving size:
CLICK HERE to download

6.5 x 9″ cubicle-hanging size:
CLICK HERE to download

Find “July 4” in the drawing.

152. 2012 Calendar

December 30, 2011

Download the PDF of your choice, complete with mice, notable dates and an election-year theme:

handy compact size (2 per page)
no-microscope-needed size

Preview the calendar by clicking on the 2012 drawing to the right.

131. Squares Calendar

January 1, 2011

This year’s calendar features Ashen and Noir, the right-angled duo seen here and on the New York Times crossword blog Wordplay. Yes, the calendar also has mice, but not in their usual starring role.

Download the PDF of your choice — or both:
Mature-eyes version (large 6.5 x 9″ format)
Young-eyes version (compact 5 x 7″ format, two per sheet)

126. 2010 Calendar

December 31, 2009

Back by semi-tepid demand, my 2010 mouse calendar is now ready for download in two popular sizes (PDF):
COMPACT for young eyes
REGULAR for old eyes

108. 2009 Mouse Calendar

December 17, 2008

My annual mouse calendar is now ready for downloading. It features all 365 days as well as highlighted drawings of red-letter days such as July 4th (so you won’t forget which day it’s on) Grandparents Day, and the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

Download the hi-res PDF of your choice:
Compact version (5×7″ — 2 on a sheet)
Midsize version (7×9″)
Both in one handy pdf!

Calendar preview: Read the rest of this entry »

67. 2008 Mouse Calendar

December 30, 2007