134. Puzzle Number FIVE

March 23, 2011

Like to experience the dastardliness of puzzle No. 5 at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament? Here’s the one I wrote in 2009, resulting in a “crash and burn” for the vast majority of the field (within the 30-minute time limit). Puzzle No. 5 is not a way to make friends.

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An interesting tidbit behind this puzzle is that Will Shortz called me the week before the tournament, saying he needed a replacement for the No. 5 he had in hand (not one I’d written). Luckily, I had some ideas around that I could fashion into a 17×17 and picked out a solid one, erring on the side of surefire rather than taking a chance on something wild.

When I e-mailed Will the finished puzzle two days later, one of the theme entries wasn’t working for him. I replaced it, reconstructed and reclued half the puzzle and sent the revision over the next day. After a bit of clue editing and some test solving over the weekend, a nasty No. 5 was ready to foist on the suspecting masses.

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