211. It’s a Celebrity Funfest!

funfestcoverNow available: People Celebrity Puzzler: Holiday Funfest!

Note: Although the title is Holiday Funfest, all of the puzzle themes are apt for any time of the year.

Our extra-snazzy Bonus Section, titled “The 12 Days of Puzzler,” presents themes such as the “A Partridge Family Tree” (the 1st day), “Calling All Birds” (4th day), “Made a Milk Ad” (8th day), “Lords: A Heaping!” (10th) and, of course, “Drummers Drumming” (12th), featuring Ringo Starr and his paradiddling brethren.

funfestoffice The rest of the book includes George (the recently married one and the future English king), theater concession-stand goodies (with photo clues!), Nyong’o, Colbert, Aniston (of course), Strahan, Upton, celebrity-couple portmanteaus, and a crossword tribute to your favorite board games. Over 75 puzzles in all!

Photo, left: my People art directing home-away-from-home.

3 Responses to 211. It’s a Celebrity Funfest!

  1. […] about the book in an earlier post, on Amazon, or look inside it at Barnes & […]

  2. Joan Davis says:

    PLEASE do not discontinue the diagram less puzzle! It is my favorite and I wait out the others in anticipation of diagramless Sunday

    • Patrick Merrell says:

      Hi, Joan. Alas, I don’t have any connection to those puzzles. But from what I hear, there’s a small, loyal following that feels the same way you do. Good news: the diagramlesses will still appear. Bad news: only about four times a year.

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