137. All 26 Letters

MyFonts.com has found a practical use for pangrams — displaying all the letters in a typeface. They’ve collected over 200 pangrams in 24 languages, many from a 2002 contest on Will Shortz’s NPR radio segment, allowing font fanciers to view their selections in the form of pangrams (link below).

A few of the pangrams:
Schwarzkopf vexed Iraq big-time in July. (33)
My expensive quartz watch once belonged to JFK. (37)
Puzzled women bequeath jerks very exotic gifts. (40)

And one, appropriately, with a typeface theme:
Mix Zapf with Veljovic and get quirky béziers. (38)

NPR and Washington Post pangrams:

The winner of Will Shortz’s 2002 NPR contest (Gordon Gerwig):
G.W. Bush quickly fixed prize jam on TV. (30)

The top two entries in the Washington Post’s Style Invitational “un-NPR” contest a month later (both by Milo Sauer):
“Who am taking the Ebonics quiz?” the prof jovially axed. (44)
NPR is a crazy-quilt mix of half-baked new-age jive. (40)

The pangram display mode on MyFonts:
1. Click HERE
2. Click on the “sample text” arrow (right above the display of fonts) and pull down to “Pangrams” … if it’s not already selected.

2 Responses to 137. All 26 Letters

  1. http://e英語.com/ Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

  2. You should delete my sibling comment, it is spam (although a good example of an internationalised domain name, I guess).

    Anyway, I am glad you mentioned the NPR contest, because I was desiring sources for the pangrams I saw on MyFonts – you see, I had assumed they would be in some XML or JSON file (structured by language and so on) that the ‘program’ (clientside Javascript or serverside whatever) of the page would use, but if it is, it is not publicly accessible by URI, it seems.

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