112. Puzzling Thoughts: Sunday Solving

Coming across this old, unpublished cartoon in my files, it struck me that those who solve the print version of the Sunday NY Times might enjoy it.

2 Responses to 112. Puzzling Thoughts: Sunday Solving

  1. Liz G says:

    Pat, I love your cartoon! The victory jig is familiar, especially when said dancing culminates in spiking needlework pillows into the living room floor. Who said that solving isn’t a contact sport?

    My niece and nephew will soon be recipients of your fantastic book, Bird Brain-Teasers (that is, if I don’t keep them for myself . . . I better get my own copy). :)

  2. Patrick Merrell says:

    La Liz: Thanks on both accounts. I hope the books do end up in your niece and nephew’s hands. My guess would be that their bird knowledge and avian puzzle needs outweigh yours.

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