100. Squares #41


4 Responses to 100. Squares #41

  1. Orange says:

    Heeey, that’s not a crossword-themed cartoon! (Well, except for the tricky WALLST rebus in that one square.) Very crisp political cartoon, though.

  2. JBo says:

    Wow, The one shouting “Change!” looks just like Obama, the one shouting “The Right Change!” is a dead ringer for McCain, and the Wall St. dude has an uncanny resemblance to Secretary Paulson.

  3. joecab says:

    Wow, you actually get guest squares from crosswords in other papers. Holy crossovers, Batman!

  4. Charts says:

    A great zinger! But that WallSt. cup is rather small, given the ‘chump change’ that’s in the offing.

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