99. Cheep Thrills

Click on the end of this post to view six spreads from my new book, Bird Brainteasers, a 324-page book of avian trivia, quotes, and breezy puzzles. Click HERE to find out more about it on Amazon.

Full of whimsical facts, pithy quotes and meaty puzzles, Bird Brainteasers will keep you so engrossed you might not even notice that you’re not just having fun — you’re also learning more about birds.
— Scott Weidensaul, Pulitzer Prize finalist for Living on the Wind

This isn’t just another bird book or brainteaser book. It has something for everyone: quotes, quips, fascinating historical snippets, humor, and of course, the compelling artwork and clever puzzles that are Patrick Merrell trademarks. There’s a smile or more on every page. And I’m still smiling.
Rich Norris, Los Angeles Times crossword editor

Click on the AUDUBON spread to display the BILL ME answer.


4 Responses to 99. Cheep Thrills

  1. Orange says:

    I’m ordering one for me and one for my mom. Can you do one on plants and trees next?

  2. Patrick Merrell says:

    Thanks, Orange!
    Plants and trees — not a bad idea, especially since it already has two guaranteed sales!

  3. Beth Willenborg says:

    I got my copy plus my copy of Fabulous Fun with Puzzles. They are both great. I like all the trivia and facts mixed in with the puzzles in the Bird Brain Teasers. The other one is fun especially when I remember the original date on the puzzles. Thanks!

  4. Patrick Merrell says:


    Thanks! And thanks for taking the time to check back and report. I appreciate it!

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