95. Squares #40

8 Responses to 95. Squares #40

  1. Doug says:

    …and loving it!

  2. Patrick Merrell says:

    You got it by THAT much!

  3. JBo says:

    Patrick, I’ve come to adore Ashen, then you go and 86 him. Not cool!

  4. Beth Willenborg says:

    I miss new adventures of Ashen and Noir!

  5. Jon88 says:

    Yeah, what’s up? You busy? (Ahem.)

  6. JBo says:

    Maybe he really did 86 Ashen.

  7. Charts says:

    I hope this is just a vacation! Lots of us look forward to the next strip!

    Charts (npl)

  8. Sluggo says:

    Where you be, man? Won’t A&N speak to you while you’re racing down country roads on your bike? Or is it just deadlines, deadlines, deadlines?

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