89. Puzzling Thoughts…

peoplejumbo.jpgabout the People Puzzler Book: Jumbo Edition — on newsstands April 14th! It’s got Harry Potter, Dirty Harry, Prince Harry, When Harry Met Sally, Deborah Harry, Harri-son Ford, and the Donald’s hair. Twenty “puzzlers” (13×13 crosswords) and twenty “jumbos” (17×17 crosswords) in the book are mine — but don’t let that stop you! The book has another 20 jumbos and 14 classic puzzlers from the past, plus profiles on Brad, Katie, Zac, Ben, Julia, Rihanna, Oprah, Catherine, Carrie, and George!

Have you read every issue of People and don’t know what to do with all that knowledge? Here’s the answer!


One Response to 89. Puzzling Thoughts…

  1. Orange says:

    Amazon says it’s not coming out until July (Amazon is sometimes confused about such things). Great. The book’s not even out yet, and it’s already a top 10 crossword book at Amazon. Yet another title pushing its way ahead of mine. (Sigh.)

    I guess you’ll have to write a How to Conquer the People Puzzler book. — Patrick

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