79. Squares #31


8 Responses to 79. Squares #31

  1. Lizzie G says:

    You made me laugh out loud! Very funny!

  2. Sluggo says:

    Oh you’re just a couple of squares. (But cute!)

  3. Byron says:

    Looks like Ashen’s been using both the cream and the clear.

  4. Patrick Merrell says:

    By the way, in case it wasn’t noticed in the fine print on the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament’s Web site, this year’s tournament will feature random drug testing of the top contestants. Likewise, lower placing competitors will be tested for beta blockers and the judges for chocolate overdosing.

  5. JBo says:

    Ashen to Congress: “I never took steroids!!”

    Newspaper headline: “What started as a little white lie…..”

  6. Jerome says:

    …and as Ashen becomes more evasive about the truth would that be square dancing?

  7. Orange says:

    Listen, I can prove that I have a doctor’s prescription for that substance. It’s totally legit!

  8. Howard B says:

    Judging by his ‘shake’ lines*, I suspect he’s also hitting the caffeine heavily.
    Hope they don’t test for that at the tournament…

    *I know, they’re for movement… but work with me here.

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