76. Squares



9 Responses to 76. Squares

  1. Tyler says:

    You know it’s a special occasion when a letter goes in a black square. A tribute to Giants fan Eric Berlin’s Going Too Far puzzles?


  2. Lizzie G says:

    I grew up in northern NJ, and we’re hardcore Giants fans. Glad to see A&N join in the revelry. A perfect storm of a game . . . which produced new cluing ops for ELI and OSI too. That last second on the clock was the sweetest ever — GO GIANTS!!!!

  3. Lizzie G says:

    . . . and TYREE will do very well in crosswords too.

    Patrick — I just noticed the headline of last week’s SI (shown in your previous post)
    — “Will The Giants Get To Brady?” Yeah, baby!!!!!

  4. Patrick Merrell says:

    I think the clue for the miraculous, wonderful TYREE would be: “Pine tar-helmeted Giant”

  5. Lizzie G says:

    Yeah, how did he do that? Sweet . . .

  6. Howard B says:

    Northern NJ-born here too, so I’m celebrating along with your little quadrilateral friends :). Been a long, long time since the Buffalo Bills and Scott Norwood…

    Anyway, would love to see PLAXICO pop up in a puzzle someday soon.

  7. Lizzie G says:

    Welcome to the party, Howard! And leave it to Michael Strahan to bring new meaning to the word STOMP . . . I’m still recovering from the ticker tape parade on Tuesday. My first tickertape parade since moving to Manhattan. Absolutely spectacular — my voice is still raspy from all the screaming/cheering. I think I spotted Ashen and Noir on a float . . .

  8. Patrick Merrell says:

    More likely you spotted them being swept up by the sanitation department.

  9. Lizzie G says:

    . . . hey, wait a minute — might Ashen and Noir be related to The Confetti Family? There’s some resemblance . . . :)

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