75. SI Puzzles

sicover.jpgFor puzzle-solving sports fans, I’ve got a Super Bowl crossword in this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated (the Super Bowl XLII issue pictured here). I haven’t seen the final layout or the magazine itself, but I hear it will be on newsstands today, Thursday (no online version).

Monday afternoon, they also asked me to put together two bonus Super Bowl puzzles for their website (an acrostic and word search), and those went up Wednesday morning. They can be found here — BUT BE WARNED, the answer grid to the magazine’s crossword appears big as day right below the download link: Sports Illustrated bonus puzzles


5 Responses to 75. SI Puzzles

  1. jenni says:

    Pat, you amaze me. Monday afternoon they asked…Wednesday morning they went up? Wow.

  2. JBo says:

    I just did the puzzle- I loved it!! Especially my team at 15 Across.

  3. Patrick Merrell says:

    Thanks for the good word!

    If I’d known, I would have clued 15 Across “JBo’s team.” I guess I assumed it was the Dakota Rushmores or some other local team there.

  4. Lefty says:

    Any chance of an AcrossLite version online now that we’re post SB?

  5. Patrick Merrell says:

    Lefty, your wish has been granted with post #78.

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