65. Squares #22



4 Responses to 65. Squares #22

  1. Lizzie G says:

    Good one, Patrick! Didn’t Manny once say, “Workers of the Word Unite!”?

  2. Jerome Gunderson says:

    ON STRIKE… Very clever fill. Lively, too! Manny’s saying looks like a possible 21 letter theme entry.

  3. Manny says:

    Hah! Clever pick-up but it was done already for Simon & Schuster (sigh)

  4. Lizzie G says:

    Right, Jerome — it’s a great 21 . . . Noir would have to do a real balancing act with a 21-letter sign. A real triple-wide.

    Highly memorable 21-er, Manny . . .

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