63. Puzzles for the Kids

Here are 3 good puzzle books for the kids (and only one is mine):

1. Picture Clue Crosswords by Patrick Merrell
(ages 4-8 • $3.95 • 64 pages • 8×10)
click here for a mini-sized sample puzzle
Puzzles set up like adult crosswords, except with pictures for clues.
2. Clever Crosswords for Kids by Trip Payne
(ages 9-12 • $5.95 • 96 pages • 5×8)
These are well-made, fun puzzles. There’s a whole series; my daughter loved this one several years ago at the age of 12.
3. The Puzzling World of Winston Breen by Eric Berlin
(ages 9-12 • $16.99 or less • 224 pages • hardcover)
An intriguing, page-turning mystery with a nice variety of puzzles woven into the story.


3 Responses to 63. Puzzles for the Kids

  1. Orange says:

    There are other crossword book recommendations at my blog. The kids’ section includes your book, Pat, Winston Breen, two of Trip’s Mensa kids titles, and Ben Tausig’s Mad Tausig book.

    My kid hasn’t gotten hold of PIcture Clue Crosswords yet (11 more days…), but he just asked about it the other day. Now, if he knows I was ordering it and Santa gives it to him, the jig may be up. I think that’ll have to be a Mom & Dad gift.

    Coffee Time is in the stocking stuffers section. Dozens of other puzzle books for grown-ups are listed (and linked), too.

  2. Patrick Merrell says:

    Amy, I missed that on your blog. Well, we seem to be in agreement with our kid’s choices, don’t we?

  3. Orange says:

    It’s unanimous! I’m glad I chose well. I haven’t actually seen Winston Breen, but my post’s co-author, Michael Sharp (a.k.a. Rex) has been enjoying it. And my son’s too young for Trip’s books, so I haven’t delved into those either. But yeah, unanimous!

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