62. Turn your computer upside down

I rummaged through my sketchbook and found these rough drawings, some of my first attempts at ambigrams. The top five (my wife, daughter, wife’s maiden name, and me) read the same when rotated 180 degrees. The bottom two are mirror ambigrams, which read the same left to right and right to left. I’ve added in the Will Shortz ambigram here because it was one of the “client” ambigrams I did at the time that worked out well.

If you want to make your own ambigram, here’s a clever site that’ll generate a very basic one for you — and maybe even give you a feel for how to do it on your own: Ambigram.matic


all ambigrams ©2007 Patrick Merrell


8 Responses to 62. Turn your computer upside down

  1. Sluggo says:

    Wow! How artful and clever! They’d make great embroidery on a decorative pillow.

  2. Patrick Merrell says:

    I don’t do any of that stitchery stuff. But thanks!

  3. Gotcha says:

    I really like Willz’ Art Deco version, and the one of your full name.

    We had Dart make us one for our wedding invitations… we have a little phrase that we use, “Yay, Bob!” that turned out wonderful as an ambigram. Turns out only a few people even noticed that it was an ambigram, including a friend’s six-year-old!

  4. Patrick Merrell says:

    I love that a six-year-old noticed!

  5. jlsnyc says:

    beautiful — and how very “angels and demons”!



  6. GAURAV says:

    your ambigrams are too cool

  7. Wow Tattoos says:

    Nice! And I should know – I see ambigrams all the time.

    I especially like the ‘coffee’ one…

    – Nate of Wow Tattoos
    Ambigram Tattoo Designs by Mark Palmer

  8. ZEYNEL says:




    [You can go here to make your own: Ambigram.matic]

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