54. In BOXeS crossword


The December issue of Scientific American, with my annual two-page crossword puzzle, is on newsstands now.

PDF downloads of both the ORIGINAL and a HARDER version, as well as the answers, can be found here: In BOXeS.

The HARDER version lacks some visual elements that are present in the ORIGINAL (same as the magazine) version, but is the same otherwise.


3 Responses to 54. In BOXeS crossword

  1. Rhu/nmHz says:

    As a physicist, I find myself forced to write the atomic symbols in mixed case; as a solver, I find that looks really weird. Other than that little brainmelt, I greatly enjoyed this puzzle!

  2. Patrick Merrell says:

    Thanks, Rhu/nmHz!
    Even though they look odd, upper & lower case symbols just seem right, don’t they? I used them for the answer grid.

  3. Evad says:

    Thanks Pat for the link to the SciAm puzzle–this is the third year I’ve enjoyed your offering there–along with the Sun’s Wacky Weekend Warrior, it’s become something I look forward to every year.

    On the other hand, it also makes me say to myself “My, does time fly….”

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