53. Squares #18



5 Responses to 53. Squares #18

  1. Lizzie G says:

    I love the new grid design! Very chic-looking!

  2. Howard B says:

    And here I was looking forward to solving all those little 1- and 2-letter islands… think of all the fresh, new clue possibilities for those unused words and letters!
    Then I saw the numbers in the corners of the black squares. Oh well.

    Can I borrow some chalk?

  3. Orange says:

    White is the new black.

  4. JBo says:

    The new grid Noir has come up with leaves me feeling a bit “negative”

  5. Bill says:

    Hey, I remember printing out some searched-for XWs from the microfilms at a library that actually were in the negative and WERE THE NEGATIVE of a puzzle, just like your comic, Patrick!!!

    They etch an impression on one’s brain when you have to do them this way. Ah, old technology.

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