33. Do-It-Yourself Squares #12

What do you think Ashen or Noir, or both of them, should be saying in the last panel? I’m leaving it blank for you to decide. If you’d like to share it with us, leave a note in the comments. Each entry will win a free one month’s subscription to this blog.12diy.jpg


14 Responses to 33. Do-It-Yourself Squares #12

  1. Nancy S says:

    Hey, Ashen. When is that round hole going to realize that we’re blanks and spoilers, not square pegs?

  2. MattF says:

    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

  3. Rhu/nmHz says:

    “Come to think of it, we haven’t seen Notepad yet today.”

  4. Imp says:

    (Because “they” remind me of the submarines in the solo “Battleships” game…)

    “Must be Fleet Week.”

    (…too obscure, I know.)

  5. Evad says:

    “Just when you think that Peter Gordon has tried everything…”

  6. Joe Bower says:

    Ashen, Who’s that running round?
    I don’t know Noir, but he’s sure got a holier than thou attitude

  7. Howard B says:

    See? When you start losing your edge and going gray, it’s time to get out of this business.

    – (I think it’s about Coffee Time for me, if you can’t tell).

  8. Patrick Merrell says:

    I’m liking these!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Noir: “You’d think he’d stop to gloat.”
    Ashen: “Yeah, those kind of guys always get put in the cleverest crosswords.”

    (This might not all fit in the last panel, oh well.)

  10. Ken Stern says:

    “I’d like to punch that guy out.”

  11. Jerome Gunderson says:

    “It’s true! Chads do just hang around”.

  12. The Greg says:

    Ashen or Noir: “That guy needs a bucket of water, a hammer, and a flashlight!”
    Ashen or Noir: “What’s his angle?”
    Ashen: “Did you see that?”
    Noir: “Yeah. Is it me or were his arms really short?”
    Ashen: “What’s going on with Pi R Squared?”
    Noir: “I don’t know. It’s a very gray area.”

    Does this mean I get four free subscriptions?

  13. Lizzie G says:

    Noir: “Hrumph! That Jumble Guy dissed us crossword squares!”
    Ashen: “Yeah, he thinks he’s all dot . . .”

  14. Patrick Merrell says:

    Thanks for all of these!

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