31. Sting’s Birthday (free crossword)

stingcoversm.jpgIn honor of Sting’s October 2nd birthday, here’s a Sting crossword. It was commissioned as a birthday present for him two years ago by his manager, Kathy Schenker: [PDF version] • [Across Lite]

Sting is an avid solver of The New York Times and The Times of London crossword puzzles when not dabbling in music. Preceding and somewhat overlapping both those pursuits were brief stints as a bus conductor, construction worker, dump truck driver, tax officer, and Catholic school teacher in a small coal-mining village.

Sting’s memoir, Broken Music, is worth a try. Intelligently and evocatively written, it chronicles his journey toward becoming a professional musician. Also worth checking out is Michael Apted’s excellent documentary, Sting — Bring on the Night. (Picture: Sting in the sweater that earned him his nickname)

[PDF puzzle answer] including complete explanation


8 Responses to 31. Sting’s Birthday (free crossword)

  1. suite sibby says:

    Sting, schming. I want a new Squares. Today is Monday.

  2. Patrick Merrell says:

    Boy, Sibby, you’re a tough customer to please! :-)
    The new Squares cartoon just went up a little early, on Friday. That means you’ve had 3 extra days to discover and savor all of its subtle nuances and neoclassical references. Now get cracking on this crossword.

  3. Orange says:

    Hey, that was a tough puzzle.

    I saw the Police in concert this summer, and had a huge crush on Sting around 1983-84. And now I’ve done his Special Private Birthday Crossword—[swoon]

  4. Patrick Merrell says:

    I was told that he likes them hard. There are a number of personal references and several British clues/answers used with him in mind. Latin also pops up once, which is a particular interest of his, along with math and science. I never did hear how he did with it, though.

  5. Lizzie G says:

    What a coincidence — I was listening to Sting’s “Soul Cages” as I checked Pat’s site today. Nice birthday puzzle for Sting!

  6. Sluggo says:

    I’m sure he loved it, Patrick. It’s really tops. But that lady Kathy should have let you know his reaction — she’s even in the puzzle herself. It must’ve taken a LOT of work!

  7. Ashish says:

    Gandhi, Sting, and me! I am in good birthday company – thanks for the crossword!


  8. Patrick Merrell says:

    Ashish, don’t forget Groucho Marx and King Richard III. October 2 was also National French Fried Scallops Day, something I’m sure you had many of to properly celebrate your birthday.

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