26. Squares #9


above: revised 9/18 below: the original 9/17 cartoon



9 Responses to 26. Squares #9

  1. Patrick Merrell says:

    The official Wordplay website: http://www.wordplaythemovie.com

  2. Lizzie G says:

    Uber-cute puzzle today! Wow, I’m impressed by Ashen’s Herculean strength. He solves with a pencil ten times his size, without breaking a sweat!

  3. sherryo says:

    Noir’s reply, “I’m gonna use a glue stick!”

  4. Patrick Merrell says:

    Sherry, you got me thinking this morning… and I’ve changed the cartoon!!

  5. Lizzie G says:

    I love the gluestick — thanks Sherry and Pat!

  6. Sluggo says:

    Besides the person slyly referenced in the last frame, she’s also referenced in the first one, in Ashen’s remark, “… that’s gonna RIP your heart out!”
    How clever of you!

  7. Patrick Merrell says:

    Slugger, I’m not so clever as you think, as I didn’t even notice that. Clever that you did, though!

    For those who have watched “Wordplay” a few too many times, they might recognize the lines in panels 1, 2, and 4 of this cartoon as coming from the movie. Will Shortz said the 1st (in introducing puzzle #5), Jon Stewart said the 2nd, and Ellen Rrrrripstein, of course, said the last one.

    In the first version of the cartoon, that appeared all of Monday, Trip Payne’s Q line was in the 2nd panel. I’ve put it back up for anyone who’d like to compare.

  8. Jangler says:

    You always do go the extra mile; I like the second version better, but I was amused by the fact that you actually made a working corner with 3 Q’s…a lot of crosswords in comic strips I’ve seen don’t put too much bother into making actual entries :)

  9. Patrick Merrell says:

    Thanks, Jangler.

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