23. Squares #8



4 Responses to 23. Squares #8

  1. Lizzie G says:

    Funny! Mr. Word Jumble is such a card . . . my favorite joke is the one about the pangram.

  2. Patrick Merrell says:

    And the one about the pangram is….

  3. Dan C says:

    I forget, but when it was published there were a lot of letters.

  4. Lizzie G says:

    Dan, I like that pangram joke! And since I raised the subject — I never understood the pangram thing; a painter doesn’t have to use all the colors of the palette to make great art. And do we care if a 78-word poem is a pangram? I’ve looked at my collection of “favorite” puzzles made by various constructors — not a pangram in the bunch. I guess that’s why I like pangram jokes. :)

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