20. Squares #7



5 Responses to 20. Squares #7

  1. Beth says:

    I have a friend who swears that Frank Longo and Will Shortz are the same person since Longo and Shortz are a play on long and short.

  2. Patrick Merrell says:

    Hmm… and the letters added to LONG and SHORT spell OZ. Your friend may be on to something.

  3. Capital R says:

    “I am Will the great and powerful!”

  4. ChartsNPL says:

    I’ve loved these strips….This one took longer to register than I prefer, but the laughter was sweeter.


  5. Ennie says:

    I’ve seen Will and Frank in the same place. But were they really who they said they were? [cue spooky music]

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