12. Squares #4 (new every Monday)



5 Responses to 12. Squares #4 (new every Monday)

  1. Ken Stern says:

    These are great! Hadn’t seen this before, but will be bookmarking it.

  2. Lizzie G says:

    That does it — from now on, I’m solving in pencil. Brilliant and funny A&N today. Thanks for starting the week on a high note!


  3. Amy says:

    Ah, this is art, man. Making the reader feel a newfound empathy for the put-upon white square.

    Hey, Ashen should feel lucky to get the attention. Poor Noir never gets any action. He’s just there to be a bookend and to fetch the Wite-out.

  4. Patrick Merrell says:

    Ken, I clicked on your name and discovered from your blog that you just had your first published puzzle. Congratulations! The theme was a very fond walk down memory lane for me.

  5. Ashish says:


    This is great! Just wanted to say that I love the theme for this entire website. Will pop in every Monday.

    On other notes (obviously violating blog rules here), absolutely marvelled at Special Delivery. The puzzle itself fell easily but spent twice the time figuring out the complexity of construction!

    Look forward to more gems.


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