1. MAD Kids

Does a magazine called MAD Kids sound redundant? The fact is, MAD’s average reader is about 24, whereas MAD Kids yearns to warp the minds of kids less than half that age. If you’ve got a child you’d like to see grow up just like you, you can learn more about the magazine by clicking here. (Actually, it’s mostly just a cheap subscription come-on.)

©copyright 2006 by E.C.Publications, Inc.
Puzzle by Patrick Merrell ©copyright 2006 by E.C.Publications, Inc.


3 Responses to 1. MAD Kids

  1. Russell G. Brown says:

    Tyler? Is there some implication that he’s a Mad Kid, or just an semi-conscious desire for him to get a mouthful of pickle juice?

  2. Tyler says:

    Hey, wait a second…

  3. SillyStrawExpert says:

    The answer is “B.”
    Straw “B” will let this little fellar drink his yummy milkshake.

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